Frequency to Voltage Converter                                       4636  


The programmable 4636 dual-channel Frequency to Voltage Converter provides signal conditioning for frequency output transducers. These include magnetic pickups and other logic or pulse type signals whose output frequencies range between DC and 10 kHz.

Design Features

The 4636 contains input isolation to prevent ground loop problems, input sensitivity selection to optimize for zero crossing or pulse type signals, direction sensing (quadrature or level) for configuring the output for either forward or reverse speeds, three step low pass output filtering, two step excitation voltage, and four calibration frequencies. Front-panel LEDs keep the user informed of signal presence and direction on each channel, and they warn of programming errors or signal overload. Onboard configuration selections are clearly labeled, making in-field modifications quick and convenient.

Operating Life

To assure long life, the 4636 is manufactured with the finest quality ceramic components for maximum stability over a wide temperature range. The rugged aluminum front panel includes ¼ twist lock downs for quick yet secure mounting in any Model 4000 Signal Conditioning chassis.
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