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The Dynamics 4078 next generation dual channel programmable Automated Strain Conditioner uses the latest surface mount technology to produce a simple to use system for voltage excited bridge circuits. The system comes complete with excitation, shunt calibration, bridge completion, auto-balance and span, plus a 4 position/4 pole low pass filter to remove unwanted signals and noise. In addition, four LED indicators instantly notify you of the amplifier’s operating condition regarding overload condition, calibration operation, programming activity, and programming errors.

Design Features

The sensor interface circuits are programmable, with the exception of manually selecting 350 or 120 Ohm bridge completion resistors. Excitation provides 5V or 2.5V to handle both 350 and 120 Ohm strain gages with 10V as an option. Local or Remote sense on the excitation is provided to work with short or long distance connecting wires to the strain gage to insure precision and repeatable measurement. Both 120 and 350 Ohm bridge completion resistors are also built into the 4078 module. This avoids additional configuration requirements, such as soldering, when switching between the two most popular strain gages. Alternatively, higher bridge completion resistors can be installed upon request.

Bridge Completion

On-board bridge-completion resistors are provided for full, , or -bridge completion to accommodate a variety of sensor configurations. Bridge configuration is completely programmable, including the selection of 120 or 350 ohm completion resistors. By setting the configuration to the Full Bridge mode, the 5078 can also be used as a standard differential amplifier.

Auto Balance - Auto Span

4078 modules are equipped with an Auto-Balance circuit to balance the bridge by removing any unwanted offsets caused by residual strain. A unique Auto-Span feature is provided to let you automatically control the span to produce calibrated output without manual trimpots. The span can be adjusted to 0.001%. Three distinct shunt calibration values, plus one user configurable resistor, set the span.
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