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The Dynamics 4110 dual channel programmable AC Amplifier is a dual-channel, high gain device. It was designed for use in neuro-physiology and physiology research using surface, intracellular, extracelluar, or micro-machined silicon electrodes. This amplifier comes complete with high and low pass filters for working with very sensitive low level signals. The 4110 is typically used as a second stage high gain amplifier following an X1 or X10 pre-amplifier from the electrode to remove DC and low frequency voltage signals.

Design Features

The Dynamics 4110 has four discrete user programmable high pass filters set at 1, 5, 100, and 500 Hz. Four selectable low pass filters set at 1, 5, 10 and 20 kHz are provided to prevent high frequency noise from affecting the digitizing system. An innovative multi-stage gain amplifier is used to handle the high gain bandwidth requirement (20 kHz bandwidth X 50K gain = 1 GHz bandwidth) and to provide fine gain control with gains up to 50,000 in 65,000 discrete steps. An LED overload light on the front panel serves as a quick visual indicator of signal saturation.

Gain Setting

The 4110 is designed to quickly troubleshoot large channel count applications. If a noisy signal is found, the input to the amplifier can be disconnected and shorted using an on-board relay to determine if the noise is generated before or after the amplifier. A low level selectable 200mV or 2mV 1 kHz sine wave oscillator can be switched into the input to verify that the amplifier is operational and at a proper gain setting.


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