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Programmable Signal Conditioning                          4000 Series



Dynamics 4000 Test Friendly Programmable Signal Conditioners are designed for professional test engineers and field technicians to reduce the number of steps needed to run tests. This innovative sensor interface system utilizes a low-noise design to collect accurate data and includes both calibration and monitor capability. The Dynamics 4000 system also incorporates the latest developments in surface mount components and a 3U system chassis size, resulting in a much smaller size, lower weight system for both field and laboratory use. The system is capable of accepting 16 two-channel Dynamics 4000 conditioners for a 32 channel programmable system. It can also accept Dynamics 3000 single channel, manual modules for mix-and-match applications requiring specialized signal conditioners.

Design Features

The Dynamics 4000 system can be configured with the Manual mode using a front panel display and keypad, or with the Computer mode through the serial communication port. A copy command is available in manual mode for fast setup of similar sensors for high channel count applications. A unique third setup mode, Auto-Setup, uses battery backup memory to store default settings for accurate, quick setup with one button operation.

Complete menu driven software comes with the R.C. Electronics DATAMAX II Instrumentation Recorder to program all amplifier modules. The program can read chassis configurations to determine if all settings are being transferred properly.

Output Monitor

A built-in BNC output monitor utilizing an internal switching matrix lets you view any conditioned channel during test or setup calibration to troubleshoot individual conditioning modules

Precision Calibration Control

The Dynamics 4000 Programmable Signal Conditioners continue the tradition of our manually programmable Dynamics 3000 signal conditioning line by incorporating calibration reference in the conditioning modules. The Dynamics 4000 embedded controller has built-in digital voltage measurement capability to activate the calibration reference for automated balance/zero and span calibration of individual conditioners. Auto-Span is a unique feature of our system that provides fine span control to 0.1% accuracy of the desired gain level without requiring manual trimpot adjustment. The calibration control can also be activated by remote terminals or dedicated push buttons to put all the signal conditioners in calibration mode. This lets you record pre- and post-test cal values to verify proper signal conditioner operation during tests.

Dynamics 4000 Modules

4078 Automated Strain Conditioner
4110 Programmable AC Amplifier
4120 Automated Linearized Thermocouple Conditioner
4290 Accelerometer/Microphone & Differential Amplifier
4636 Frequency to Voltage Converter

Compatible 3000 Modules

3025 Signal Shaper
3028 5B Adapter for Temp. and RTD
3040 Pulse Width Modulation
3046 LVDT, Carrier Amplifier
3047 High Frequency/Freq. to Voltage Converter
3087 Charge Amplifier
3108 DCDT3131 Counter/Divider
3139 Strain Amplifier
3290 Accelerometer & Differential Amplifier
3636 Frequency to Voltage Converter
3647 Strain/Data Amplifier
3647/I Isolated Strain/Data Amplifier
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