Non-Programmable Signal Conditioning                            7600A


Dynamics Model 7600A Transducer Signal Conditioner/ Amplifiers are designed for users who require maximum flexibility without sacrificing system accuracy or isolation. The 7600A consists of a mainframe and a plug-in Bridge Completion Card. The mainframe provides the isolated power for the excitation supply (voltage or current) and the precision differential DC amplifier. The Bridge Completion Card allows the user to handle all types of resistance transducers including strain gages, RTDs, potentiometers, and sensors. Each conditioner configuration is fully guarded and isolated as required to maintain signal integrity.

The precision differential DC amplifier contained within the 7600A mainframe features low drift and high common-mode rejection with excellent input-to-output isolation. Input impedance is greater than 25 MW. Bandwidth is 100 kHz. Output capability is ±10V at 100 mA.

The 7600A power supply uses a triple-shielded power transformer. This shielding provides maximum isolation for transducer excitation. The amplifier gain is adjustable from 1 to 2500 by front-panel controls.

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