Signal Conditioning

CAN-Bus - ISO 11989 - Automated Serial Data Bus

CAN Bus Input Amplifier
for GX-1 Recorder
Record data frames from a CAN bus while recording additional analog data channels
Supports CAN 2.0 Standard and
Extended protocols
Uses CANdb data file label format
GXView-CAN file conversion tool for post-processing of CAN Bus data
Recording Baud Rate 5kbps to 1Mbps
Supported Protocol:
CAN 2.0A (Standard ID-11 bits)
Supported Protocol:
CAN 2.0B (Extended ID-29 bits)
Recording Monitor CAN ID, data length, hexadecimal data

Number of recording ports:
1 Bus port per module

Number of recording ports:
Up to 2 CAN modules can be used per GX-1 Recorder
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